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Five Reasons to Love Lowry

It was a beautiful blue sky day, 1999.  I was 8 months pregnant, and going to see a new home being built in Denver’s groundbreaking redevelopment project: Lowry.   Eager homebuyers had hurried to snatch up every house planned for the new neighborhood – already named “Community of the Year” by the Home Builders’ Association of Metropolitan Denver. Lucky for me, a contract had just fallen through.

Dirt covered most of the land, and construction crews bustled around the clock.  There was no Bayaud Park; no Beer Garden; no Town Center and no neighbors to the right or left.

I called my husband,

honey, can you come over to the old Lowry Air Force Base…and please bring a check.

22 years later…

Three Lowry houses (all new construction), 3 kids, and lots of great memories later…I consider myself somewhat of a Lowry expert.  As one of Lowry’s first residents, I watched first hand the growth and evolution of this dynamic and thriving neighborhood.

When I moved to Lowry, I was working as a civil rights attorney for the State of Colorado.  I decided to trade my busy litigation schedule in for something more flexible while the kids were little.  My mother, Bobbi Lou, was and is one of the City’s top producing agents; and I became her partner in the real estate business.

I had planned to return to my law career in a few years. Well, two decades later, I am still in the real estate business with one of the longest sales records in Lowry.  Through the years I have loved connecting with my neighbors and selling homes in every part of the former Air Force Base area: from East Park to Park Heights; from Westerly Creek to Crescent Park; and most recently Boulevard One’s newest and finest million dollar homes.

Real estate prices in Lowry blasted off from the beginning and rarely slowed down.  In 2006 Lowry was named the most expensive zip code in Denver.  The last single family homes being built in Boulevard One reflect a strong history of consistently increasing prices and insatiable demand.


One of Lowry’s early “Glory Days” Celebrations

So, what makes Lowry so hot?  I’ve narrowed down 5 reasons to love Lowry. I can’t wait to hear your Lowry favorites and reasons you love Lowry too.

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Lowry has great restaurants—all close distance from each other and sharing a common theme for fun outdoor patios.  The three main dining destinations in Lowry are the Town Center, the Hangar #2 and the newest Lowry dining in the retail area of Boulevard One.

Lowry Beer Garden

7577 E Academy Blvd, Denver, CO 80230

There’s nothing more “Denver” than grabbing a beer and bite to eat at  The Lowry Beer Garden. Capitalizing on 300 days a year of sunshine, the Garden is equipped with long outdoor picnic tables, blankets, heaters and fire pits.  The Beer Garden serves a wide selection of Colorado craft brewed beverages and great food.  The menu has a few seasonal specialties but mostly tried and true local favorites.  Gourmet burgers, chicken sandwiches, blackened Ahi, brats, salads, sweet potato fries…and FRIED PICKLES!  Don’t miss the fried pickles!

North County

94 Rampart Way, Denver, CO 80230

If Lowry had a Cheers, North County would be it!  It’s the quintessential neighborhood meeting place where everyone knows your name. Lots of neighborhood teenagers can attribute their first good job experience to hosting and bussing tables at North County.  The Seafood is flown in daily for delicious fish and street tacos that rank among Colorado’s best. If you are feeling decadent, get the cinnamon sugar dusted churros with spiced Abuelita hot chocolate!   With 100 different premium tequilas, try a flight of 3 to go with house guacamole and chips.  North County also has an extensive brunch and happy hour menu.  Healthy alternatives are made easy too – get the fish tacos with mango salsa on Jicama instead of tortillas.

Officers Club 

84 Rampart Way, Denver, CO 80230

New to the Lowry dining scene, Officers Club, is a modern twist on the classic officers clubs of military bases during the mid-century. The menu, by Executive Chef Sterling Robinson, has highlights like: charcoal fired heirloom artichokes, pan fried Colorado mountain striped Bass, ahi tuna poke tower; and the “Kitchen Sink Salad.”  Other favorites: the charcuterie board and prime rib French dip.   In General, I never order chicken fingers, EXCEPT at Officers Club.  A special recipe of Chef David Stetson’s, chicken tenderloins are dipped in buttermilk and cooked to perfection – nice with an OC old fashion cocktail.

Chop Shop Casual Urban Eatery

Lowry Town Center, 200 Quebec St, Unit 101, Denver, CO 80230

Chop Shop is a popular fast serve restaurant in the Town Center, serving gourmet cuisine in a casual setting.  Lowry’s laid back but bustling atmosphere is the perfect place for the second location of the award winning urban eatery.  Menu selections like “Grilled Bistro Filet” in garlic and kimchi marinade and the “Super Chop” are a couple favorites. Chop Shop makes a big effort to protect the environment. Committed to making as small a footprint on the planet as possible, Chop Shop uses sustainable bamboo plates, reclaimed bottles as glasses, reclaimed wood tables and washcloths in the bathrooms.

Café Mercato

Lowry Town Center, 200 Quebec St, Denver, CO 80230

Café Mercato is a modern Italian restaurant with a lively patio facing Wings Over the Rockies.  Operated by Giancarlo Macchiarella of Locanda del Borgo in nearby Hilltop, this Hangar 2 restaurant is one of Lowry’s more upscale options.  All of the pastas and sausages are made in-house, as well as gelato and desserts. Pizzas are made in a wood fire pizza oven imported from Italy.

Wood Grain Bagels

7559 E Academy Blvd, Denver, CO 80230

Lowry is one of Wood Grain Bagels three Colorado locations with Montreal style bagels offering gluten free and vegan options.  Open for breakfast, lunch and early dinners, Woodgrain offers deli sandwiches, burritos, paninis, salads and homemade soups.  One of Wood Grains Canadian specialties is poutine:  cheese curds and gravy on top of French fries!  The $10 lunch deals are a nice option:  avocado toast and salad or gourmet grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup.

Delectable Egg

Lowry Town Center, 200 Quebec St, Denver, CO 80230

One of the original Town Center restaurants, The Delectable Egg is a Lowry institution. Its longevity and popularity is due in part to its great food and community mindfulness. The management at Delectable Egg is always willing to lend support to the schools and non profit projects of the folks in the neighborhood. The Delectable Egg is best know for its breakfast food: scrambles, pancakes and Benedicts.  The Lowry Delectable Egg  is one of 5 in greater the Denver area.

Copper Door Coffee Roasters

7581 E Academy Blvd, Denver, CO 80230

Copper Door Coffee Roasters, located in Hangar 2, is Denver’s only 100% female owned coffee roaster. The Lowry shop is one of two Denver locations offering exceptional coffee roasted in small batches and locally baked pastries.  A cool thing about Copper Door is the company’s commitment to the environment and reducing its carbon footprint as much as possible.  Copper Door roasts its coffee with 100% locally sourced wind power.

Homemade Ice Cream

From the great indoor/outdoor counter at Glacier Ice Cream to the towering 50 foot spaceship that is home to Rocket Ice Cream, you can find some of Denver’s best locally sourced homemade ice cream right in Lowry.  For more on the ice cream, see Denver I Love’s Blog story, Where to Find the Best Homemade Ice Cream in Denver.

Lowry locals looking for a quick bite to eat also love to hang out or pick up at Qdoba, Einstein Brother Bagels,  Pei Wei, in the Town Center.


Lowry has a special place in the history, arts and culture of Denver and the nation.  Lowry attracts theatre goers, music lovers, history buffs and art aficionados from all over.

Wings Over the Rockies Museum

7711 E Academy Blvd, Denver, CO 80230

One of the most prominent features in Lowry is the historic Hangar 1, now home to Denver’s very own air and space museum and large community events. Named one of the top 20 aviation museums in the world, Wings Over the Rockies Air & space Museum, features 182,000 square feet full of iconic aircraft, space vehicles, artifacts, uniforms and special exhibits. There is even a jet engine powered car.  The museum welcomes 160,000 visitors a year and always has something exciting on the calendar. When Presidents visit Denver, they most always come to Wings Over the Rockies.

John Hand Theater

7653 E 1st Pl, Denver, CO 80230

Being a big theatre buff, I love that Lowry is home to one of Denver’s great community theaters. Founded by community visionary John Hand,  Hand first started the Firehouse Theatre Company and Colorado Free University on Colfax Avenue.  After Hand was tragically murdered in 2004, his sister, Helen Hand, kept the theater and John’s dream alive.  The John Hand Theater  found a new home in the old Lowry Air Force fire station where it continues to bring introspective plays and musicals to the people of Denver.  Small but mighty, the 82 seat theatre produces 9 shows a year produced by different local theatre companies.

The Soiled Dove Underground

7401 E 1st Ave, Denver, CO 80230

The Tavern at Lowry was one of Frank Shultz’s first restaurants in the Tavern Hospitality conglomerate that now boasts multiple  locations throughout Colorado.  With a wide menu, fun trivia nights and lively sports watching, the upstairs Tavern serves as an apex of Lowry social.  Along with the positive vibrations upstairs, the Soiled Dove Underground, draws great crowds with live music shows and stand up comedy.

The Colorado Free University

7401 E 1st Ave, Denver, CO 80230

The Colorado Free University is a learning center with classes designed for busy adults wanting to explore personal passions and interests. Without having to commit a lot of time, you can find untapped talents and meet new people taking classes like: acting, singing, drawing and printing.

The Lowry Reading Garden

7908 E 5th Avenue, Denver, CO 80230

The Lowry Reading Garden is a hidden treasure tucked away just south of 6th Avenue Parkway.  This quiet pocket park is lined with stone book spines of great literature and favorite authors.  Metal leaves hang overhead, and inspiring quotes are etched in the concrete below.  The Reading Garden is a special place for quiet reflection and getting lost in a good book.  The Garden won the Mayors Design Award in 2009 with sculptures created by artist Fred Meyers of blessed memory.  The Borden family kindly donated all of the Reading Garden’s art in dedication to the late Lewis Borden.

The Lowry Foundation and Public Art

293 Roslyn Street, Denver, CO 80230

The Lowry Foundation has made public art a priority from the get go.  The Foundation owns and maintains thirteen pieces of public art throughout Lowry.  To see pictures of all 13 pieces, click here.  Some of the most prominent art displays include: and the large aluminum “Sundial” at the east end of 6th Avenue and Uinta.  Both pieces were created by Mike Mancarella.

The Eisenhower Chapel

293 Roslyn St, Denver, CO 80230

Another great piece of Lowry’s history and culture is The Eisenhower Chapel a nationally recognized historic landmark located on the east side of the Town Center.  This beautifully restored military chapel is still used for weddings, memorials, bar and bat mitzvahs, community events and services.  Originally built to be interdenominational, it remains open to everyone. Thanks to the Lowry Foundation, visitors can see photos and other memorabilia from the Air Force Base days.  President Eisenhower and his wife, Mamie, spent some of the summers of his presidency in Denver, and attended services at the Chapel.


Lowry is a great place to find a unique gift and special find.  The people working in the Lowry shops go above and beyond to give you a friendly, personal shopping experience.

Marcella’s and Marcella’s Home & Gifts

200 Quebec St #127, Denver, CO 80230

Marecella’s  sells so much great merchandise, it had to split into two shops: one for accessories, jewelry, shoes and women’s clothing; and the other for home décor and gifts.  The inventory is always changing and both stores are stock full of fun, clever, witty, flirty, bold and fabulous finds.  True to the original vision, Marcella’s is a special place where daughters, mothers, grandmothers and friends can find items they can afford, enjoy and treasure!


200 Quebec St Bldg. 500 Suite 101, Denver, CO 80230

Kismet is a local Denver boutique with great fashion, shoes and accessories.   Some of Kismet’s customers have said things like, “the staff at Lowry aren’t just staff, they’re your friends,” and “I can’t say enough good things about Kismet.”  In addition to the Lowry store, Kismet has stores in the Highlands, RiNO and Cherry Hills as well as a sister store, True, in the Central Park Neighborhood. See Also Denver I Love’s Story about True and the shops of Stanley Marketplace.

Savory Spice Shop

200 Quebec St #127, Denver, CO 80230

Lowry Town Center’s Savory Spice makes all its own blends and specializes in fresh, flavorful spices, simple meal solutions, gift sets, small batch barbeque sauce, and tasty local products.  The Lowry shop, opened in 2008 is the prototype for other  Savory Spice Shops. Future store owners spend time at the Lowry location learning the trade before opening their own shop. Proud to be a part of the community, this Town Center Savory Spice shop even sells a “Quebec Street” spice in the Colorado gift set.

Timbuk Toys

200 Quebec St, Denver, CO 80230

A present from Timbuk Toys is always the first opened at every party.   The snazzy wrap isn’t the only reason for the popularity, its the merchandise: a thoughtful book selection, rows and rows of art projects, science experiments, building sets, magnets, musical instruments, sleds, pullies, pogo sticks, kites, stuffed critters and figurines.  Sign up for the Star Account to get monthly deals and discounts.

Chewy’s Bonetique

200 Quebec St #600, Denver, CO 80230

Chewy’s Bonetique is a one of a kind experience for you and your pet. Considered one of the top independent specialty pet supply stores in Colorado, Chewy’s is THE place to pamper your pup or cat.  Whether using Chewy’s self-service dog wash or booking an appointment with an experienced groomer, your dog will love the Blueberry Facial and yummy treats.  Chewy’s even has its own “Bonetique” line of healthy cookies.  They is also a large section of collars, leashes, shampoos, and raw diets manufactured by local Colorado companies.


Lowry is a hub of activity for team sports and personal recreation space.

The Montclair Recreation Center

729 Ulster Way, 80230

Located in the center of Lowry’s north neighborhood, Montclair Rec Center is a hub of activity with swimming, basketball, and classes for kids and adults.  Check out the latest schedule for all kinds of activities from Mahj Jongg to Pickleball.

Lowry Sports Park

8200 E. Sports Boulevard

Lowry Sports Park is a large area near Big Bear Ice Arena with fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer fields, a playground  and a Dog Park.  There is also the Lowry Sports Park Loop, a 2.4 mile loop trail rated as moderate and primarily used for walking, trail running, and nature trips.

Jackie Robinson Baseball Fields

8400 E. Lowry Boulevard

Adjacent to Sports Park are the Jackie Robinson Baseball Fields. From little league to competitive baseball, Jackie Robinson Fields is a place for everyone who wants to play.   Additionally, the fields are used for flag football, touch football and other games.

Big Bear Bear Ice Arena

8580 E Lowry Blvd, Denver, CO 80230

One of Denver’s biggest neighborhood ice-skating rinks, Big Bear offers public skate sessions & lessons and Colorado hockey games & leagues.  Big Bear’s rinks have convenient hours and is home to Colorado skaters from beginners to the most highly skilled.

Lowry Swim Club

352 Quebec Ct, Denver, CO 80230

If you want to get a good community feel, spend a weekend at the “no frills” Lowry Swim Club. Despite its bare bones “do it yourself” umbrellas and cook your own hot dogs, the swim club is a beloved summer meeting spot. Unlike Lowry’s public amenities, the Swim Club requires a private membership.  The current initiation fee is $1,550 and the yearly due are $700. for a family and $475 for a single membership.  The club has a waiting list to join.  Click here for more information.


Last but not least, one of my favorite things about Lowry is the number of great parks there are -18 in total.  To see a full list of the parks and which are owned by the City versus the Lowry Master Community Association (LMCA), look online at Lowry Denver.

At the Opening of Bayaud Park, June 2002.

The first park, Bayaud Park, was built in the south neighborhood. Running from Quebec to the East and Fairmount Drive to the West, Bayaud Park features a long grassy parkway, playground, sledding hill, sandbox and picnic area.

A community wide costume parade is held every Halloween at Crescent Park.

Next was Crescent Park the north neighborhood’s flagship location for community events, winter sledding, and summer fun. Other big parks in Lowry are: The Great Lawn to the east; Sunset Park in the West Lowry; the anchor of East Park Trailwind Park; and the new 5.5-acre community park in Boulevard One.

More Reasons to Love Denver

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Jenn Dechtman is a real estate agent at Liv Sotheby’s International Reality with expertise in the Lowry neighborhood. She has sold dozens of homes in Lowry in every neighborhood from East to West and North to South Lowry. You can reach her at: (303) 669-8889.

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