Sneak Peak of Denver’s Coolest New Luxury Residences – McGregor Square at Coors Field

If you are looking for the absolute coolest place to live in Denver and have an eye for a good real estate investment, you need to check out what’s remaining of the hot selling luxury condos at the new McGregor Square!

We cannot say enough good things about these exclusive residences and the whole new development next to Coors Field.  Total game changer for LoDo! Thank you to my Kentwood colleagues Dee Chirafisi, Matt McNeill, Kevin Garrett and Becky Sable for the sneak peak before Friday’s official opening.

The 10 top takeaways to love about McGregor Square:

There is a lot to love about McGregor Square.  Here are some highlights we took away from our sneak peak previewing luxury residences.


View from McGregor Square Residences rooftop
View of Coors Field from the roof of the luxury McGregor Square Residences – photo credit Jenn Dechtman

This is arguably the best rooftop in all of Denver! There are not many places to find 360 degree views of mountains, Coors Field, the Denver skyline, a beautifully designed pool, bar area and spacious lounge areas.


Entry to Coors Field - First Base
Beautiful Coors Field. Photo Credit Jenn Dechtman

McGregor Square’s location hits it out of the ball park! What an opportunity t0 live directly southwest of Coors Field (20th and Wazee). Fun Fact: This latest and greatest Denver real estate development is owned by the Colorado Rockies and named for the late Rockies president Keli McGregor who had the vision for a mixed use development next to Coors Field.


The residences at 1901 Wazee Street are absolutely stunning with top of the line finishes, high ceilings and amazing views! The studios are sold out, but there are still one and two bedrooms available. The prices currently range from $900,000 for a one bedroom/2 bath to $2,525,000 for a 2 bedroom penthouse.  Who wants to move in? Ummm….me!!


Carmines at McGregor Square
Carmines at McGregor Square – Photo credit Jenn Dechtman

There are lots of fabulous finds at McGregor Square including some of Denver’s best new restaurant openings.  After all these years, the beloved Carmines from Wash Park has finally ventured out with a second location.  Carmines has started serving up its signature family style Italian pasta, chicken and veal dishes at McGregor Square.

The Original in The Rally
The Original in The Rally – Photo credit Jenn Dechtman

The Original, the restaurant in the Rally Hotel, is definitely a place of interest!  This fun new 1950s style diner serves boozy milkshakes, root beer floats and special treats for brunch, lunch and dinner.  Being a lover of Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York (home of the croughnut), I am particularly intrigued by the Original’s sweet and savory croughnut wagyu sliders.  Diet food its not! Other menu items include: “Stroganoff” poutine and green chile mac and cheese. To be fair, the menu does have crispy Brussel sprouts and pan roasted trout.

Stay tune for more openings and food news coming from McGregor Square including a gourmet food hall, Mile Post Zero.


McGregor Square Plaza
Tom’s Watch Bar on the Plaza at McGregor Square – Photo credit Jenn Dechtman

Given its proximity to Coors Field, a mac daddy sports bar is a must! Tom’s Watch Bar is already open with Top Golf suites and other fun entertainment for game days!  As the sign outside Coors Field states, “welcome back” Rockies fans!


The lobby of The Rally Hotel
The lobby of The Rally Hotel – Photo credit Jenn Dechtman

The Rally is truly a baseball lover’s dream come true. Located in the building next to the private residences and connected by a cool walkway near the rooftop is a 182 room boutique hotel.  The hotel’s public spaces feature a leather wall with baseball like stitching in the lobby, Rockies memorabilia galore, a terrace that mimics the look out deck at Coors Field and a large blown up proclamation from March 1991 when Governor Romer proclaimed Major League Baseball Day in Colorado and the Rockies became a national MLB team.  Mission accomplished – The Rally offers guests a one of a kind baseball themed experience. There will even have an interactive Rockies Hall of Fame on the second floor.


That’s not all…McGregor Square has a 6,000 foot state of the art fitness center, Rock Fitness. Powered by Inward Fitness, Rock Fitness offers self defense classes, yoga, private training, ski conditioning and more.  Rock Fitness prides itself on its state of the art air filtration, virus killing UV lighting, top of the line equipment, innovative heart rate technology and touchless check-in/check-out systems.


Tattered Cover at McGregor Square
The new Tattered Cover at McGregor Square – Photo credit Jenn Dechtman

The living is so good at McGregor Square that even Denver’s pride and joy – the independently owned Tattered Cover  has decided move there.  Tattered Cover is relocating its flagship bookstore from Union Station to McGregor Square, and they have already settled in.


You are probably thinking the HOA dues must be through the roof, but au contraire! Because the private residences share amenities with the hotel, the dues are actually quite reasonable at 55 cents per foot.  Dues so notable they made the top ten list of fabulousness – especially when it comes to Denver real estate! Of course I don’t really have pictures of HOA dues, but here are some fun party shots of the Kentwood sneak peek where I first learned about these fabulously priced dues.


The center plaza at McGregor Square
The center plaza at McGregor Square – Photo credit Jenn Dechtman

We would be remiss in not pointing out the central feature of the completely transformative LoDo development  – the spacious center courtyard. The 28,00 foot grassy plaza is sure to become one of Denver’s top entertainment spaces for outdoor concerts, movies, gatherings, batting practice and possibly even ice skating.

McGregor Square Residences entryway

Wowzie! Take me out to the ball game or just next door for some boozy milkshakes and croughnut sliders, a dip in the pool and an epic work out at Rock Fitness.

The author, Jenn Dechtman, is the founder of Denver I Love and one of Denver’s top selling luxury real estate agents. She can be reached at Kentwood DTC or direct at (303) 669-8889. McGregor Square Residence are listed by Dee Chirafisi, Matt McNeill, and Kevin Garrett of Kentwood Real Estate.

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