Saturday Night Alive’s 2018 Ham-tastic Celebration

What is a good present you can get for someone who shows kindness you can never repay…well tickets to Hamilton for starters.

I always look forward to Saturday Night Alive, the DCPA’s big fundraising extravaganza that raises over a million dollars for the DCPA’s arts education programs. This year was different though.  Saturday Night Alive 2018 gave us an opportunity to give back to some important people in our lives.

Let me back up a bit. Over the past year, my husband was sick, and our family went through a lot (thus, the big lag in my Denver I Love blog from May to November).  Thankfully, he is better, and we are all back moving in a good direction.  Denver I Love is back too!

My husband wouldn’t be walking today without the help of amazing friends who happen to also be brilliant doctors.  We don’t have the words to adequately express our gratitude to our dear friends: Dr. Kevin Lampert, Drs. Goldie and Joel Cohen, Dr. Ronnie Wise, Dr. Morton Coleman, Dr. James Riopelle, Dr. Rich Davidson, Dr. Mike Wechsler and other good friends around the country who stepped in to help us navigate the rocky waters. We are also very grateful to Dr. Paul Elliott, Dr. Jeffrey Bennett, our family, and the support of our community.

Over the next year, we will undoubtedly be very busy thinking of all the ways we can say thank you.  This weekend, SNA gave us an opportunity to get started.  Knowing two of our friends were big Hamilton fans and had never seen the show, our wheels started turning. Thanks to the Denver Center Alliance, we were able to get tickets to go together and have a Ham-tastic time!

I have to admit my involvement with Saturday Night Alive wasn’t the same for the 2018 Hamilton extravaganza.  The year had taken some unexpected turns.

I was not able to track down any fabulous items for the auction.  I did not have months to shop for the perfect dress. I didn’t arrive early to pick a shiny prize bag from the Director’s Room, and I didn’t even make it to the much-anticipated auction kickoff party a couple weeks before.

It didn’t matter. This was the most spectacular evening of Saturday Night Alive ever!  What I could do was: say thank you to our friends, spend time with my husband celebrating good health, and support one of the most wonderful institutions in our city, the Denver Center for Performing Arts and its educational outreach programs.

I am so thrilled for Susan Struna and her husband Steve, the 2018 SNA event chairs, and their committee for the wildly successful evening that raised an unprecedented amount for the DCPA education programs.  Another big round of applause to Katie Imhoff, the DCA Development Manager!  Exact figures are still being totaled.

The funds raised at SNA support the DCPA’s education programs that benefit thousands of children, teens and adults.  These top notch programs and phenomenal faculty really do change lives.  I have witnessed it first hand time and again.   I can’t wait to see all that Allison Watrous, Director of Education at the DCPA, and her amazing team of teachers and directors are able to do this year given the phenomenal success of SNA 2018!

Saturday Night Alive is one of the main fundraising events supported by the Denver Center Alliance (The DCA). Being involved with the DCA is one of the most meaningful, fun and rewarding experiences there is for theatre loving women in Denver.  It costs $50 to join the Denver Center Alliance, and the rewards are endless.  See DCA’s page on the DCPA website.

Under DCA’s leadership of President Pam Sletten, DCA Past Presidents Lois Paul and Keri Christiansen, along with DCPA Development Manager Katie Imhoff, and past development managers Valerie Taron and Chelley Canales, I have watched the DCA make an important difference in the Denver community.

The DCA also supports the Women’s Voices Fund with its spring Hattitude luncheon that helps bring more women’s voices into the production, directing and writing side of theatre!

The Alliance events create a sense of community, camaraderie and friendship.  I got involved with the DCA to give back for the incredible arts education my own children receive at the DCPA, but it is the DCA that has really given back to me.

SNA red, white & blue outfit details: Hamilton star earrings (Nordstroms); crimson silk skirt (Carolina Herrera); patriotic Leo stripe clutch (Rebecca Minkoff); hair (Drybar Cherry Creek); and handsome husband on the arm!
Such a thrill to meet some of the talented cast! We are star struck!

4 thoughts on “Saturday Night Alive’s 2018 Ham-tastic Celebration

  1. Katherine Cambruzzi says:

    Love this article and loved seeing you! I did not know about your rocky year but so happy to hear all is well with Evan’s health. Love this blog!

  2. Laura ramsden says:

    Great article and you look gorgeous. Cheers to your wonderful Denver community and to continued good health for Evan!

  3. Susan struna says:

    Fabulous article and so thrilled your husband is now healthy!
    You were with us in spirit on the auction committee!
    Great Blog!!!

  4. Jody Weinberg says:

    I loved reading about this event – how fun! You and Evan look so happy – just glowing. Inspiring blog with your thoughtful gratitude and best news of good health!

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