These New Shows Coming to DCPA Will Make the Best Girls Night Out!

There are a number of new shows coming to the Denver Center for Performing Arts (DCPA) that just scream:  “GIRLS NIGHT OUT!”  That’s not to say men won’t absolutely love these shows too! One thing I try to achieve through my blog is to give a deeper personal glimpse into what’s happening in Denver and the people who make it happen, especially when it comes to Denver’s thriving arts scene. Rather than generate lists or pull information from websites, my aim is to share first hand knowledge, real experiences and insights.  When I saw the line up of shows coming to the DCPA, I knew I had to write something about these shows.

These new shows coming to the DCPA hit all of Denver I Love’s story categories: Go, Know, Celebrate and Elevate!  The touring companies don’t touch ground in the Mile High City until 2020, but I’m putting it out there now because you will want to plan ahead for these awesome theatre opportunities.  Getting tickets for shows at the DCPA has become harder and harder, so get tickets now.

With the holidays around the corner, what a great present these new shows coming to the DCPA will make! There are few things more meaningful than the gift of theatre.  My favorite all time ad slogan remains, “collect moments not things!”  I am so over stuff! I’ll never be over going to the theatre with someone I care about!  I hope you this review inspires you to call a friend and enjoy a great night out at the theater!

Mile High Tree at Sculpture Park

At the Denver Performing Arts Complex November 30 to January 31

Photo courtesy of VISIT DENVER

Starting with a bit of an aside, to add to the theater gift giving spirit, the DCPA has a surprise in store for theater goers. Along with some fabulous first time touring shows, there will be a spectacular first time tree coming to the Denver Performing Arts Complex. The tree, called “Mile High Tree,” will be the largest of its kind in North America!  From November 30th to January 31st the 110 foot high tree will be on display in Sculpture Park with a light and music show every 30 minutes.  What a great addition to a fun night out at the DCPA this winter. For more information see Visit Denver.

The Mile High Tree attraction is a partnership between VISIT DENVER and Denver Arts & Venues, with the support of the DPAC tenants including DCPA, Colorado Ballet, Opera Colorado and Colorado Symphony.

There is certainly lots of motivation to go downtown.   Here are the new shows coming to the DCPA that I know will make the best Girls Night Out!

New Shows Coming to DCPA For the First Time Ever:

Escape to Margaritaville

At the Buell Theatre December 23, 2019 to January 5, 2020

Photo credit: Adam Lundeen

Making its first time ever national tour, Escape to Margaritaville will be at the Buell Theatre over the holidays. Having shared a drink with Jimmy Buffet on the beach in Mexico, hung out with him and his son, gone to dozens of his concerts, and read his book; this number one fan could not be more excited to escape to Margaritaville come cold, freezing January.   I don’t think I’ll be wearing flip flops, but I’m sure I’ll be chewing Juicy Fruit and having a ball.

This show didn’t last long on Broadway, but there is some kind of urgency and privilege about seeing a touring show that hasn’t run forever. Quite possibly, you won’t have this opportunity again.  I plan to take a few friends for their birthdays and relive our wine cooler days watching Buffet back in the day on the grass at Fiddlers Green.  Can’t think of a better girls night out! Will it be super deep?  Probably not, but entertaining – yes!  Well that’s all I’ve got on this one until I see it in January.

Summer: The Donna Summer Musical

At the Buell Theatre January 28th to February 9th 

Photo credit: Adam Lundeen

Wow are you in for a surprise with this musical!  There are a lot of Broadway shows out there about talented female musical artists: Carol King, Cher and Gloria Estefan.  This one is different.  Rather than come off guarded or gratuitous, Summer: the Donna Summer Musical is raw and revealing.  Don’t get me wrong, Beautiful is my all time favorite musical. The only Broadway show I went to 4 times.  However, the Donna Summer Musical is right up there with it in terms of story, talent and production.

Summer: The Donna Summer Musical brings to light the struggle of an amazingly strong and talented superstar while addressing childhood molestation, domestic abuse, gender discrimination, cancer, balancing of career and family, empowerment and triumph.  Needless to say when I took my ten-year old to the show for a fun night of good dance moves and hit songs, I was misguided.  On the other hand, if you grab your most kick ass girlfriend, you’ll have the the perfect companion for Summer: The Donna Summer Musical.  This powerful show is definitely a top pick for 2020.

Mean Girls

At the Buell Theatre March 25th  to April 12th

Photo credit: Adam Lundeen

Mean Girls will knock your socks off! Go on a Wednesday and wear pink! Whenever you go though and whatever you wear, you are going to love this brilliantly written show that brings big talent, big Broadway dance numbers, and big new songs to the stage.  You might think Mean Girls is more for teeny boppers. Think again. Mean Girls, based on Tina Fey’s popular 2004 movie, adds a lot of layers and dimensions you probably can’t even imagine.

The music is brilliantly written by Fey’s husband Jeff Richmond and the lyrics by Nell Benjamin. Using humor to define a materialistic generation plagued with bullying and unbearable peer pressure, it is a hilarious yet disturbing tale about coming of age in the suburbs. It just may be the most fun, entertaining and energetic show coming to the DCPA this year.

Sadly, I will miss the all star original cast that hailed from my alma mater Univeristy of Michigan.  Their synergy and back history will be hard to replicate. Taylor Louderman (Regina George), Ericka Henningsen (Cady Heron) and Ashley Park (Gretchen Weiners) were friends who performed together in college and separately earned many Broadway awards and theatrical accolades before reuniting in the original cast of Mean Girls on Broadway. I know I digress totally off topic, but I just love their story. There are so many talented actors coming out of the U of M School of Music Theatre and Dance (SMTD), their dominance on Broadway is known as “the Michigan Mafia.”  Go Blue!

You Lost Me

At the Ricketson Theatre January 17th to February 23rd

Artwork courtesy of: DCPA

One of my favorite organizations in Denver is the Denver Center Alliance (the Alliance), a dynamic group of Denver do-ers that have a long history of supporting the Women’s Voices Fund and the vast reaching education programs at the DCPA.   The Alliance hosts social events including a few theater nights a year.  This year the Alliance is hosting a Theater Night to See You Lost Me on January 23rd. So, no excuses: this last Girls Night Out recommendation is planned and ready to roll.

A great thing about the Alliance theater nights is you don’t need to find someone to go with because the group is built in.  It’s not only the best insider deal in town, but a fun way to meet new people in Denver and support the DCPA.  The cost to join is only $50/year – with individual tickets to theater nights sold separately. If you want to join us, please reach out to me and I will get you in touch with the Alliance President, Susan Struna.

You Lost Me is sure to make a big impact and is all about girl power! In 1828, 17-year-old Ann Harvey saved 160 Irish people from a wreck off of Newfoundland’s Shipwreck Coast.  She became an instant hero.  Almost 200 years later, the Harvey family homestead has become the Shipwreck Inn.  The Inn’s present-day proprietress Ann Harvey is leaving her own mark with a tourist blog.  A memory house for all those lost at sea. This Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights Festival finalist is a bright new drama that reminds us that every moment holds the opportunity to change lives.

Both the playwright,  Bonnie Metzgar, and the show’s director, Margot Bordelon, are recipients of Denver’s Women’s Voices Fund. To see them bring this poignant work to Denver is nothing short of amazing!

Tips for Buying Tickets for the New Shows Coming to DCPA

The best way to get tickets for the new shows coming to the DCPA if you don’t want to pay a lot in fees is to buy them in person at the DCPA Box Office.  The box office is located in the Helen Bonfils Theatre Complex, across from Boettcher Concert Hall.  The Bonfils building is currently under construction, but the box office is still open.

Also, students can usually get $10 tickets with a valid student i.d. an hour before the show.  If you don’t mind paying a service fee, get tickets online or by calling the box office at (303) 893-4100. Additionally, if you organize a group a 10 or more, you qualify for special pricing and deals.

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