Nothing Says Happy Holidays Like Hammond’s

The holidays would not be the same without Hammond’s candy canes and treats made right here in Denver.  Year round, from New York City to the hills of San Francisco: when you go to check out of a specialty food store…somewhere like the Plaza Food Court, Dean & Deluca, the mom & pop shop up the hill, Taste Unlimited at the beach, and pretty much every favorite destination in America, even  Target and Whole Foods…look to the side of the register for a wonderful marshmallow treat wrapped in hand crafted caramel and packed with an “H.”  That little piece of heaven is one of Hammond’s Mitchell Sweets, otherwise known as pure love from Denver, Colorado!

Denver’s Hammond’s Candies ships their one-of-a-kind candies, not just around the country, but literally around the world.  From the most colorful candy canes and lollies, to chewy caramels, flavorful popcorns, old fashion ribbon candy, soft marshmallows, gourmet chocolates and more – everything labeled Hammond’s is made right here in Denver Colorado at the factory on 58th and Washington.

Hammond’s Candies Handmade in Denver with Local Ingredients

Not only is Hammond’s Candies handmade in Denver, but the management makes a conscious effort to locally source the ingredients where they can.  For example, the key component sugar comes from the Western Sugar Company that was founded by Charles Boettcher in the early 20th century.

The ingredients aren’t the only thing of special note in the Hammond’s factory.  Even the packaging is a step above. Each candy cane is shipped to stores in a heated foam that molds to the individual pieces to keep it from breaking.  With the extra care Hammond’s uses to package their candies, every piece is sure to get to good boys and girls over the mountain!

Hammond’s also uses a local Denver graphic design firm for their cool look.  Watch out for new packaging on the Mitchell Sweets this year.  The new design will keep those soft Mitchell Sweets even fresher.   The packaging for this signature candy is important because these favorite mouthwatering delights don’t have any preservatives.  It takes a couple days to make every piece.  Seeing the Hammond’s “elves” make the Mitchell Sweets was definitely a tour highlight.

Hammond’s Soars to New Heights

After touring the kitchen, it is abundantly clear why Hammond’s has such a long history as one of Denver’s oldest and most treasured companies. Andy Schuman and his wife Lori Schuman, moved their family to Denver in 2008 (Andy a year earlier), after purchasing a major stake in the candy company that was started in 1920 by Carl Hammond.

Andy became Hammond’s President and CEO, and he later acquired the rest of the company in 2010 with a group of investors.  He gave Hammond’s a new look and started to grow the company at a remarkable pace, while all the time maintaining its valued traditions and incomparable quality.

Other changes included helping scratch out some of the colored dyes for all natural flavoring and acquiring additional specialty candy companies around the country such as the Old Dominion Peanut Company from Norfolk, Virginia.  However, the products under the Hammond’s label are all still all made and packaged by hand right here in Denver.


Denver I Love

When the Schumans moved to Denver they did know a soul.  They have spent the last decade growing the candy business and raising their children in the Denver schools.  What do they love most about the mile high city?  Lori says,

I love how the people are laid back and how outdoorsy and healthy Denver is.  Coming from DC where everything is so fast moving, it is really nice how in Denver you never forget to take time to see what’s around you.

Lori says her kids like it here so much they don’t want to ever live anywhere else.

Hammond’s Free Candy Factory Tour is A Great Family Activity for Winter Break

If you are looking for the most magical place on earth, don’t fly to Orlando or Anaheim, rather take a free tour of the Hammond’s Candy Factory! This is a fun family outing you might want to do with the kids over winter break.

If you go, you can also visit Hammond’s factory store that is stock full of many of Hammond’s most notable sweets.  There are dozens of terrific stocking stuffers, like the exclusive 2017 Hammond’s Candy Cane of the Season, Naughty & Nice.

[su_box title=”Some of Lori’s Favorite Hammond’s Candies Stocking Stuffers” style=”default” box_color=”#ea092a” title_color=”#FFFFFF” radius=”3″ class=””]

Here are some stocking stuffer and gift ideas that can be picked up last minute at Hammond’s Factory Store, while inventory lasts.

Dark Cocoa Dipped Candy Canes

These candy canes are only sold in the factory and are an extra special edition of the already beautiful peppermint canes.

Bags of Coal

What looks like yucky coal is really delicious cinnamon hard candy.  These fun bags can be found at the factory stores and with many retailers including Amazon, Paper Source and many more.

Hammond’s Candy Cane of the Year Naughty & Nice

Every year, Hammond’s creates a new candy cane of the season.  This year’s candy canes, Naughty & Nice, are all packaged the same with the deep cranberry colored cane and green and white stripe.  However, when you start to eat it, some canes are flavored a scrumptious strawberry and others are a jarring black licorice.  You have to try one to find out if you’ve been bad or good.

Color Coordinated Gifts

Quickly taking a few products off the shelf, Lori demonstrated how easy it is to put together treat packaged with the same color to make unique gift baskets that pop – literally!

Sipping Sticks

Hammond’s Famous Candy Cane Sticks are porous, so you can sip your coffee, cider or hot chocolate through the sticks.   They are fragile, carefully made and packaged, with any broken pieces separated out.  If you are lucky, you can find some of the broken sticks available at the factory store for a bargain.

Hot Chocolate Dunking Spoons

These treats have various flavored chocolate on the end of a spoon.  You dunk the spoon in hot milk and top with a marshmallow for a quick and rich hot chocolate treat.  Lori suggests that if you make s’mores to go with your hot chocolate, try using Mitchell Sweets instead of plain marshmallows.  Nothing could get better than that!  Happy Holidays!


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    Great article about a family business evolving with the times…their sweets look incredible and I love their packaging. Thank you for highlighting them!

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