Denver Zoo Builds A Special Home for Wallabies and Kangaroos

Denver Zoo Down Under

My number one recommendation for things to do in Denver this Memorial Day Weekend is go see the incredible new “Down Under” habitat at the Denver Zoo. The almost $8 million dollar ground breaking project provides Wallabies, Kangaroos and Cassowaries a whole new  Colorado home and lifestyle. The grand opening is today! The Global Real Estate Advisor in me couldn’t help but preview the new Down Under planned community with a discerning appreciation for its stand out features and custom details. Here are the highlights:

Down Under Exhibit – Denver Zoo | Photo by Jenn Dechtman

Location Location Location

Located on the southwest edge of the zoo, the new “Down Under” habit takes over prime Denver Zoo Real Estate that once belonged to “Bird World.”  All of us who grew up in Denver have fond memories walking through Bird World. There were zillions of chirping birds and a waddling community of Penguins. Nevertheless, Bird World found itself past its useful life, and the re-use of the space, as imagined by the experts at Denver Zoo is phenomenal! Today, “Down Under” houses a couple of vicious, but strikingly beautiful, birds called Cassowaries, a tree kangaroo, 12 free roaming Red Necked Wallabies and 3 spirited Kangaroos.

Special Features

Some of special features of the Wallabies’ new home include: well designated pathways, a seemingly “luxurious” indoor sleeping space for cold weather, outdoor all wood pergolas, and well crafted lounge decks throughout the grounds. The obvious signature hallmark; however, has to be the futuristic co-living concept that creates an interactive space without walls or borders between the animals and people. Onsite zookeepers encourage visitors to respect the residents’ boundaries despite the lack of a physical barrier.

All the design features and amenities of this Down Under community have been masterfully implemented with great care and planning. The professionally landscaped grounds are packed with numerous tall trees, flowers and natural grasses. Bathrooms are well located and designed with clean simple lines, in a minimalist style. Other notable conveniences include: drinking fountains, a bottle filling station, natural wood bench seating throughout and easy proximity to fun activities like the Conservation Carousel and the beloved red engine train.

Southern Cassowary – Denver Zoo | Photo by Jenn Dechtman

An Exciting New Chapter

Visitors aren’t the only ones excited about the new interactive community at the Denver Zoo.  The animals seem to really be taking to their new lifestyle! The two Southern Cassowaries don’t seem to miss their old home at all. They used to live in an outdated cage in the back of Bird World and later temporary housing with a smaller space that put a big cramp in their feathers.  Now, with the new custom design, they are practically prancing with pride as they stroll outside around 11 am to greet fans in their spacious, side by side, outdoor living quarters. A strong upgrade, no question! Well done Cassowaries.


Marshmallow – Denver Zoo | Photo by Jenn Dechtman

Another happy resident  of the new Zoo habitat is Marshmallow, an albino Red Necked Wallaby, who moved to the Denver Zoo this past year. Marshmallow seems to be adjusting beautifully to all the great amenities and wider layout. If you go, you will probably find Marshmallow enjoying some alone time. Her ability to set boundaries is impressive. Prior to moving onto Wallaby Way, she lived mostly indoors and in close quarters. Now, she has room to spread out, take time for herself, and experience special spa-like services such as daily sunscreen applications and leafy green foods fed to her on the vine.

More New Homes

The Flamingos have also relocated to a new home near Tropical Discovery. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to adequately tour the flamingo residences to do a full comparative analysis.  You just can’t see every home in a single afternoon.

The ongoing efforts and dedication of the Denver Zoo to create exceptional natural habitats is something all of us can enjoy with pride. Not only is the Denver Zoo one of the best zoos in the country, it is recognized around the world for its outstanding commitment to conservation and research. With over 80 acres of well curated experiences and exhibits, the Denver Zoo is the most visited cultural destination in Colorado.

If you go

The new Down Under exhibit is open to the public starting today.  Like always, members of the Zoo can take advantage of less crowded early hours. The early member only hours are also be the best time of day to see the Wallabies active. Be sure to BUY YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE! The Zoo is definitely planning to sell out this weekend. Regular price tickets are: $25.20 for adults and $22.05 for seniors ages 65. Children are $18.90 for ages 3 to 15 and free under age 2 and under.

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