Immersive Art Experiences Like Camp Christmas Takes Center Stage This Holiday Season In Denver

Immersive art experiences are where it’s at in 2021! The DCPA’s spectacular holiday extravaganza, Camp Christmas, is a cool immersive experience your whole family will love!

Charlie Miller, the Denver Center for Performing Arts Off-Center Curator envisioned the innovative art wave long before others and helped start Camp Christmas with artist Lonnie Hanzon four years ago in Denver.

New Camp Christmas Venue:

The fantastical and fun extravaganza has a new venue this year at Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park. It runs from November 18th through January 2nd. You can get tickets at the DCPA website.

What is Camp Christmas?

You may be saying, “What the heck is Camp Christmas?” With new immersive art experiences like Meow Wolf and Van Gogh Live coming on the scene plus the metaverse and lots of non-traditional forms of art- it’s time to get with the program!


Camp Christmas is a live immersive fantastical wonderland of lights, dazzling decorations, music, and memorabilia. The primary feature of the installation is mesmerizing yuletide scenes spread across a six-acre landscape.

Festive Food and Drink:

Festive food and drink add to the experience with cool places to get hot cocoa and egg nog. Camp Christmas also has yummy dessert crepes and seasonal cocktails. 

Special Immersive Art Features:

The Extraordinary holiday installations are located within and around authentic historic buildings from Denver’s past. Places like an old hair salon and motel.

Camp Christmas features 23 funny pun trees. Do you know what this one is?

A Cool Holiday Experience:

Camp Christmas is NOT entirely explanatory. So, it’s awesome they include a free Audio Tour! Like Denver’s new Meow Wolf- you need to go through it yourself to really understand! No two people’s experience is the same.  Camp Christmas is a super fun opportunity to reimagine the holiday spirit and enjoy a great time with friends and family. 

We love ❤️ the creativity! We love 💚 the Denver Center!! We love 💙 the holiday season in Denver!

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