About Jenn Dechtman and Denver I Love

Jennifer DechtmanI’m Jenn Dechtman, the founder of Denver I Love.  I am a fourth generation Denverite and super passionate about everything Denver has to offer: the theaters, museums, restaurants, parks, neighborhoods, concerts, parties, schools, industry, classes and especially the people who give Denver its heart and soul.

As a real estate broker with the Kentwood Company, I love to introduce people to Denver and show them around our great City.  Prior to real estate, I worked for many years as a civil rights attorney with the State of Colorado.  Staying in touch with friends and colleagues from law and government allows me to share some of the great work they are doing for Denver and our state.  As a mom with kids in Denver Public Schools, knowing about terrific resources and opportunities for kids, teens and families is something I am constantly seeking out and experiencing first hand.  My work as a supporter of the arts and community volunteer also enables me to bring stories and information to you about incredible ways to elevate yourself to new heights in Denver.

Life in Denver is vibrant, inspiring and active. I love to entertain and celebrate holidays, birthdays, milestones and special times with friends to the fullest, which in Denver is easy with so many great resources and venues. I hope Denver I Love can be a useful resource for you to grab a hold of all Denver has to offer.

The purpose of this blog is to help people really delve into our City in a meaningful way.  It’s about connecting with Denver and the people: leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, teachers and those who think outside the box.

Denver I Love highlights places, faces and things to do in Denver: people who inspire others, places that are true treasures; issues that educate; and elements of style that create an excitement about the Mile High City.   One of the great things about Denver is the way we all benefit and grow from the collaboration of many unique ideas and interesting experiences. I can’t wait to see what you share on this blog and hear about the places and faces you love most about Denver!


You can also reach Jennifer Dechtman at Kentwood Real Estate | (303) 773-3399 | 4949 S. Niagara St. 400 | Denver, CO 80237